According to a new report by Ahmed Enany, CEO of SoCalBio, the 20% cuts in NIH budget proposed by the Trump administration may put health research and jobs at risk. In 2016, NIH allocated most of its funds to extramural research grants — $24.83 billion out of a $32 billion total budget. Of all states, California got the most, with $3.7 billion or 15% of NIH extramural grants. Most of this goes towards basic and applied research at non-profit educational institutions and research hospitals, with the top-receiving CA organizations being UCSF, Stanford University, UCSD, UCLA, and Scripps. San Diego organizations winning the largest NIH grants were UCSD, Scripps, and Sanford Burnham Institute. The top winning investigators were Eric Topol, Dennis Burton, and Howard Feldman, and the top funding foci were digital health and translational science, Aids, and Alzheimers. (, Ahmed Enany)